Perpetuum makes use of a buyback system with mining, but it needs money to buy the mining equipment. This equipment is bought with the fees from each buy and sell order made by the investors.

Tax fee

The buying and selling fees are arranged as follows:

  • 6% for the mining equipment and project

  • 2% for the dev team

This makes a total of 8% fee for each buy and sell.

Originally, the fees were 10% for each purchase and 15% for each sale, with 9% for mining and 1% for the development team being distributed for each purchase, and for each sale 8% for mining and 7% for the development team.

Where do fees go?

The fees are stored on PRP and they pile up until a certain quantity. Once it gets to that quantity, the contract sells these PRP and it converts it automatically into BNB.

The project wallet (mining equipment) is public for everyone to see: BSCScan.

The team wallet is also public: BSCScan.

Disclaimer: That means that there will not be a big token sell to buy the mining equipment, the tokens from the fees are already sold and converted into BNB in the wallets shown above.

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