How to buy PRP

In this guide we will explain how to buy PRP through a computer or a laptop.

In this guide we will use the Binance exchange and the Metamask wallet.

If you want to buy through the phone, follow the same steps from the Binance and Metamask apps from the Play Store.

Please, we kindly request everyone to look for the 100% official links. Even though this guide is official, clones of this guide can be created.

1. Sign up in Binance

In case that you do not have a Binance account, access to the official page: Click the sign-up button and follow the steps. You will have to verify your identity, and it might take more than one day for Binance to verify you.

2. Deposit EUR

From Binance, go to the Buy crypto section and click on Card deposit. You can use any payment method. The deposit might take some time.

3. Convert EUR to BNB

Go to the wallet section and click on Fiat and Spot. Click on the Convert button that is next to EUR. Change the first one to EUR and the second one to BNB.

4. Set up a Metamask account

In case that you do not have a Metamask account, access the official page

WARNING: Check and verify that the Metamask page and link are the official ones.

Install it as a Chrome extension. Follow the steps and WRITE DOWN ON PAPER all the secret words. DO NOT LOSE IT. Absolutely NO ONE will ask you for these secret words. If you lose these words, you will not be able to recover your wallet.

5. Set up the BSC net on Metamask

You can follow this guide to know how to set up the BSC net:

  • Network name: Smart Chain

  • New RPC URL:

  • ChainID: 56

  • Symbol: BNB

  • Block Explorer URL:

6. Send BNB to Metamask

In Metamask, copy your wallet address. Click on the numbers as shown in the picture below:

Sign in to Binance, wallet, Fiat and Spot. Look for BNB and click on Withdraw as shown in the picture below.

If it is your first time and you do not have the 2FA (2 Factor Authentication), you will need to follow some steps on Binance. If it does not ask you for them, go on.

Paste the recently copied address on “Address” and change the Net to “BSC (BEP20)” as shown in the picture below.

Insert the amount in BNB to send to your Metamask wallet and click on send. Wait patiently for the BNB to arrive to your wallet.

7. Access a Swap

Contract: 0x84afb95ca5589674e02d227bdd6da7e7dcf31a3e

Access one of the following Swaps:

For PancakeSwap, you will need to import the token if it asks you for it, introducing the contract shown at the start of the seventh step of this guide.

Click on the “Connect wallet” button to connect the Metamask wallet and give permissions to it. Be careful, check that you are in the official page of the Swap and it has https.

8. Buy PRP

Search for the trade button in the different Swaps, above has to be BNB and down PRP.

Change the slippage to 10% and put the BNB quantity that you want to change for PRP and click on the trade button. Don't set all the BNB, save some for the buying and next selling fees. You will be asked for confirmation in Metamask. It takes a bit to confirm.

If it gives you an error, increase the slippage to 11% or more.

To sell, do the same but above has to be PRP and below BNB. Change the slippage to 10%, increasing it to 11% or more in case of an error.

9. Show PRP on Metamask

To do that, go to Metamask and click on the button below that says “Import tokens”.

Put the same address from the PRP contract at the start of the seventh step of this guide. The other fields will be automatically filled out. Click the button.

In case that the fields don’t fill automatically, access the token information and fill the blanks with that information.

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