Cryptomining in Perpetuum

Explanation of cryptomining in Perpetuum

Perpetuum uses the mining system to buy tokens and burn them afterwards. This means that the supply will be lower and the price will rise without the need for new investors.

That does not mean that the token can’t go down in price. If investors sell, the price can go down, but they would be contributing to the mining equipment through the fees. That way, the coin will go up even more.

First machines

Mining started on January 30, 2022 Here is a video of the inauguration:

Working machines

We currently have 30 GPU RTX 3090, 3 GPU RTX 3080 and 5 ASIC Innosilicon A11 PRO. There are 2 more ASICs on their way. We are mining ETH, KDA, Dual: Litecoin+Dogecoin.

Facility location

For security reasons, we cannot reveal the exact location of the facility, but it is located in 🇪🇸Spain.

This facility has security with cameras and has material insurance. It also has ventilation so as to avoid that the components burn.

Daily mined money

Everyone will soon have access to the Hive OS system in which you can see the Hashrate and how many machines are working. Check the Roadmap (stage 3).

Mining injection in PRP

The injection of liquidity and burning is done manually and randomly from one to five days. This is done to avoid possible strategies for purchases and sales.

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