Spanish AMAs Recap with CEO Daniel

30/03/2022 AMA Recap

  • We have introduced Perpetuum Ecosystem. The system that you will be able to learn about during 2022. Beware of mixing the logos: the Perpetuum Ecosystem logo its not the same as the Perpetuum token logo.

  • We will reveal the question marks the following days: 10th April, 15th April (two) and 22nd April.

  • We have spoken about the HiveOS system problems.

  • We have spoken about the purpose of the charity wallet.

04/03/2022 AMA Recap

  • We have spoken about the roadmap.

  • The new ASICs will arrive next week.

  • The IP camera is now available.

  • New tokenomics starting on the 6th of March: 8% for buying and for selling. We have explained the reasons behind this decision. We have also spoken about exchanges.

  • The staking system will probably arrive before May. It will increase the volume.

  • Story about the 1st week of Perpetuum.

17/02/2022 AMA Recap

  • We have answered every question from Twitter: developers, security, tokens…

  • We have spoken about listing in an exchange in the next 4 months.

  • Optimization of the mining equipment.

12/02/2022 AMA Recap

  • We have spoken about some of the usual questions from the channel: whales, the biggest wallets, and the April great burn.

  • We have emphasized the significance of the Perpetuum system.

  • Another burn has been done live at the AMA, and we have explained the buy and burn system.

  • Clearness and news about the burns.

  • Future staking system.

  • We have spoken about the reasons to not hold ETH and exchanges.

  • We solved questions from the community.

30/01/2022 AMA Recap

  • Mining inauguration, Q&A.

  • Project explanation for newcomers. We answered their doubts.

  • First big token burn: 111.737 PRP.

  • From now on, tokens will be burned practically every day.

24/01/2022 AMA Recap

  • Daniel has announced that there is an upcoming giveaway for a water RTX 3090.

  • We have discussed that mining will be announced in the next 7 days.

  • Regarding the marketing, we have started again with a small campaign, and we will take a bigger step each time, specially after the mining starts.

  • We have spoken about the mining power.

  • We have explained when to hold the mined crypto (ETH) and when to not hold and the reasons behind it.

  • We have explained how we will act to avoid sending ETH to the BSC.

  • Conversation about the Market Cap.

  • The IP camera and the Hive OS live will be shown shortly after the mining, as the roadmap indicates.

  • We have spoken about the security of the mining installations.

  • We have answered some questions: + What are we planning to do when ETH 2.0 comes out? - We can mine other cryptos. We will recover quickly and the mining community will accept the change without any complains. + Which mining rigs will be used for the project? - In theory, we will use GPUs (We couldn't reveal that we had ASIC too). + How will the token burn work? - Firstly, we will buy the tokens in 1 to 5 days, and right after buying them, they will be burned.

06/01/2022 Metaverse AMA Recap

We have spoken about the “Metagox” Metaverse, in which we have a plot near the marketing lobby. In our plot, there is a Perpetuum Tower that will be seen from far away. There are pictures pinned in the Spanish Telegram Channel. In this tower, Perpetuum events will take place in the future, and the benefits from these events will go to marketing or mining.

The Metagox project is still in early development. The presale for their token is expected for mid-February. The team is doxxed and will show audits and KYC soon.

30/12/2021 AMA Recap

  • Daniel has confirmed that there will be mining in January and that he does not want to show or say anything so as not to leak anything before the big start.

  • 3 pictures of the installations have been shown.

  • We have explained what will happen in April, when the tokens are unlocked: almost all of them will be burned.

  • We have spoken in detail about the mining rigs hosting idea mentioned in the last AMA.

  • We have spoken about the upcoming staking, the distribution, what will be given, and the difference between PRP and other tokens.

  • The selling fees will go back the 31th of December to 8% for mining rigs and 7% for the developer team, after being changed to 12% for mining rigs and 3% for the developer team on the 24th of November.

Merry Christmas! Watch out for what is coming this 2022 ;)

22/12/2021 AMA Recap

  • We have talked about the electricity of the premises and we have shown some pictures.

  • Daniel has spoken about the idea of Perpetuum hosting mining rigs in the future.

  • Daniel has confirmed that there is a Ltd. Business

  • We have mentioned the idea of creating another similar token as PRP in the future.

12/12/2021 AMA Recap

  • The mining will not start this year. We will start stronger.

  • New pictures of the installations.

  • We will start mining as the machinery is being installed and turned on, but we will not show the results until the day the mining officially starts.

08/12/2021 AMA Recap

  • We solved a question about electricity and money expenses (derived from the telegram chat).

  • We have also talked about the token burns and optimization.

  • Brief modification of the roadmap, to make it more clear for new investors.

  • More pictures of the installations have been posted.

  • Conversation about partnerships.

  • Conversation about Perpetuum as a business.

  • Earnings and taxes. Money management.

29/11/2021 AMA Recap

  • Negotiation with Antonio.

  • The significance of the security at the property and not revealing useless information.

  • The significance of the Perpetuum systems, such as the anti-whale.

  • The quantity that is injected with the mining and the time when they happen will happen randomly, without following any algorithm. Daniel said that for now, it will be manually, with the possibility to do it automatically with a system. We would like to remind everyone that this idea can change from now until the mining starts: the burns could be done automatically.

  • The mining is getting ready. There is a lot of things that we have to deal with, not just buying equipment.

  • We will not stop looking for marketing opportunities, but getting the mining equipment ready will be our priority.

24/11/2021 AMA Recap

  • At the start of our project, we rented a 50m2 property for our mining equipment. As we are growing very fast, we have rented another 200m2 property to directly start mining there. We are getting the electric installation and the licenses ready.

  • We started to take money from the project wallet to buy mining equipment.

  • The selling fees are still a 15%, but that percentage is distributed in a different way: from an 8% for mining equipment, and a 7% for the developer team, now, and temporarily, it’s going to be a 12% for mining equipment and a 3% for the developer team.

  • We updated our Logo, infographics, typography, and webpage.

  • We are still working on marketing.

We do not have the recaps for previous AMA's.

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