1. What will happen with the locked tokens?

On the 12th April, they will be unlocked (https://cointool.app/token/lock?a=0x84afb95ca5589674e02d227bdd6da7e7dcf31a3e&c=56) and, in that moment, we will burn a 99% of these tokens.

The 1% left will be blocked again with a different time distribution: they will be divided in 3 different locking. A 0,33% during 3 months, another 0,33% during 6 months, and the 0,33% left during 9 months. When one part is unlocked, if they have no practical use, they will be locked again for another 9 months.

This burn will not affect the price directly.

2. Will there be a staking system?

Yes, it is one of our next features. It is planned for Stage 5 of our roadmap. PRP’s staking will be different: it will work with the mining system. The details of the staking system will be published before we launch it.

3. What will happen when there are no tokens left for sale?

It is impossible to run out of tokens because of these reasons:

  • The fees will always sell automatically to feed the mining. Sales will always happen.

  • If there is only 1 PRP on sale, that PRP will be worth A LOT of money. It is impossible to buy that PRP, you will buy “cents” of that PRP (satoshis).

  • People with more than 1 PRP will sell because the price will be very high.

4. Will you use renewable energy?

Visit VOLTA (VLT): https://powerofvolta.com/

5. Will I be able to put my mining rig or personal ASIC in your company so I do not have to worry about maintenance or electricity costs?

Yes, we will have a mining rig (or ASIC) hosting system, in which Perpetuum, as a company, will be in charge of the machines, and the customer will receive his benefit without worrying about electricity, maintenance, noise or licenses.

Once this is official, we will explain all the details as well as the price of the hosting system. You will also be able to request the installation or purchase of the machinery. Renting: If a machine cost $30k and a customer only pays $10k, 33% of the proceeds will go to him, subtracting also equipment wear and tear and expenses. If he decides to stop the renting service, the compensation for equipment wear and tear will be subtracted. The remaining 67% can be rented to other customers or will be for PRP’s benefit.

6. How often do we buy new mining equipment?

Every time that there is a substantial amount of money to buy several systems that offer a good profitability, and when they are available on stock.

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